The Tongue

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On our way to Newcastle…
The Infinite Three on tour


buttonsLast week we recorded pretty much all of the new album at One Cat studios with the excellent Mr Jon Clayton at the controls.

Today we would like to extend our massive thanks to the equally excellent Tom Jackson who came over to The Banks Of The River Effra today to record a time-bending and incendiary saxophone overdub.

He definitely hit the outer-space note a few times

The Great Work Continues

rehearsal-oblongNew songs for the year of our lord 2015: Hydrogen, Dawn Accelerator, Holding Hungry Names, Like Moss, Lucky Beast…

About half an album written and most of a new live set ready (almost).  We could put together a shorter release (an EP or mini album) and release it sooner.  Or we could hold out and plop out a full length album later.

We’ll probably continue with a full length release. Just thinking out loud really.  Any thoughts / opinions?

Pedalboard Porn

pedalboard porn

For the benefit and pleasure of any effects pedal nerds who may frequent this page. Joyo Tuner, TSC Tubescreamer Clone, Behringer Multi-FX, Joyo Crunch Distortion, Red Witch Violetta Delay, Behringer Reverb Machine.


The opening track from the album Songs Of The Breather.

Scott Walker + Sunn O))) – Soused

This is excellent.


Here’s the 13th episode of the Wrong Show on Resonance FM, in which I narrate a completely true story.