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Fuzzy Sun premieres Ascension Zone

You can listen to the title track from our new instrumental album, Ascension Zone, over at Fuzzy Sun right now.  Play it loud!

The Infinite Three release first track ‘Ascension Zone’

Ascension Zone is released May 3rd on Actual Size Music.

Live at Silence Kit, 13th April

Our next show is on Saturday 13th April at the opening event for Silence Kit, a new night of live alternative music at The Bread & Roses, Clapham.  ElectroMud and One Man Destruction Show will also be making noises at you.

Silence Kit

We’ll be performing even more new material at this show; new songs which will eventually form part of our next album (which we’re aiming to complete in time for Summer)

Here is a map describing the physical location of the venue: goo.gl/maps/cWIpc,  And here, if you are so inclined, is the Facebook event page.  Bring your skin and your bones and everything inbetween. Free entry.