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Foam and Live Shows

Foam, the sister EP to Innocence is due to be released on 27th April. We’ll be playing songs from it and its predecessor at a few different venues across the UK next week.

Take a look here to see where and when we’re going and if you can make it along to a show or two please come and say hello!

The Infinite Three - Spring Tour

Live Shows in April

We shall be playing music for you at a few venues around the UK this April. It would be splendid to see you there if you can make it. Here’s where (and when) we’re going:

Tuesday 10th April
– Newcastle – Little Buildings (w/ No Teeth)

Thursday 12th April
– London – The Windmill (w/ Nasty Little Lonely + Electric Elizabeth)

Saturday 14th April
– Birmingham – Wagon & Horses (w/ The Courtesy Group + Gunther Prague)

Saturday 21st April
– Coventry – CET Old Press Hall (w/ Gunther Prague)

The Newcastle, London and Birmingham shows are all part of our ongoing CLUB GEOFF concert series, curated by us for your pleasure and spiritual convenience. We’ll be performing new songs from our recent EP Innocence as well as songs from the forthcoming sister EP (more news on that soon!) along with some carefully selected old songs.


Love & rage

The Infinite Three

CLUB GEOFF#5 – Little Buildings, Newcastle – Tuesday 10th April

Our 5th CLUB GEOFF event will take place at Little Buildings, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne on Tuesday 10th April.

A night of experimental alternative sounds with local noisemakers No Teeth (Experimental rock’n’roll from Newcastle) and The Infinite Three (Hypnotic psychedelic post-punk cosmic idiocy from ex-members of Cindytalk and GOD).  Plus guests to be announced.

All performing live for your convenience and spiritual growth at: Little Buildings Venue and Rehearsal Rooms, 1 Ford Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 1NW

Your attendence is required.  WE ARE MEEK AND AWAIT YOUR EMBRACE.

Tuesday 10th April. 7.30pm.  £4.