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CLUB GEOFF#6 – The Windmill, Brixton – Thursday 12th April

Our 6th CLUB GEOFF event will take place at London’s finest music venue, The WIndmill on Thursday 12th April.

A night of experimental alternative sounds with The Infinite Three (hypnotic psychedelic post-punk cosmic idiocy from ex-members of Cindytalk and GOD), Nasty Little Lonely (industrial post punk noisy stuff from Bristol) and Electric Elizabeth (investigative sounds from metal buckets, field recordings and beyond).

All performing live for your convenience and spiritual growth at: The Windmill, 22 Blenheim Gardens, London SW2 5BZ.   Your attendence is required.  WE ARE MEEK AND AWAIT YOUR EMBRACE.

Thursday 12th April. 7.30pm.  £4.