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20% Off All Our Albums + New Music To Come

It’s been a busy year for us here at The Banks of the River Effra. We released two EPs (which eventually ended becoming our fourth album),  embarked on our third UK tour and played a handful of other satisfyingly intense live shows.

We’ve also been working on another rather ambitious project: Two new instrumental albums. These records are quite unlike anything we’ve done before and we’re incredibly pleased with them. Our intention is to release them early next year with a tour to follow…

..But we’re going to need a bit of help to do this..

So for the rest of this month, we’ve decided to drop the price of EVERYTHING on our Bandcamp page by 20% if you use the code REMPLEX. That’s 20% off any album, single, CD or t-shirt. If we sold shoehorns you could get 20% off a shoehorn. But we don’t sell those.

Take a look here https://music.theinfinitethree.co.uk/music and if you’d like to help us to raise some funds for the next two albums, just use the code REMPLEX to get 20% off.

There’s a few other things you can do to help the righteous cause of The Infinite Three too: If you use Spotify, consider following us there. You’ll get a notification whenever we have new music available and the more people following us, the more it helps our chances of getting onto playlists and getting our music into new ears. You could also subscribe to us on Youtube, and even just tell your friends about us. Just sharing a few of our tunes on Facebook or Twitter is a massive help and we’re always eternally grateful to those of you who take the time to do this.

We’ll be announcing this year’s Winter Solstice song next month along with the titles and cover art of the new albums for your eyes and brain.

Until then, huge thanks for your support.

Love & rage

The Infinite Three