Pre-order the Innocence / Foam Reissue

Innocence & Foam are due to be released (24th August) as an album length CD along with two bonus tracks – thus comprising the entire recording sessions.

The CD is a beautiful limited edition object with artwork designs from original drawings by Harumi Foster. It’ll be strictly limited to 50 copies only, so they won’t be around for long!

But if you’d like to be guaranteed a copy of this fine sonic artefact, you can pre-order the CD right here:

We’ll be aiming to ship any pre-orders out sometime before the release date, and as usual a full digital download of the album will be included as well.

As for brand-new music… We’re working on a pretty ambitious project right now. We recorded a huge amount of instrumental tracks at Brixton Hill Studios just before the Summer and we’re now entrenched in the weighty process of mixing and editing these into some pretty intense finished pieces. The intention is to bring you two longform, mostly intrumental albums before the year ends. More news on this soon!

As ever, thanks for supporting our music,
Love & rage

Innocence & Foam Limited Edition CD

During our recent UK tour we made a CD available of all the tracks from both the Innocence and Foam EPs. We have a very limited number of these left over. Both EPs are due to be reissued with bonus tracks and combined onto a new album length release later in the year – but if you’d like to get both these EPs right now on one convenient disc, here’s where you can do so:

EDIT: These have now sold out! However, we’ll be releasing a new version of Innocence / Foam on CD very soon along with two bonus tracks from the same session. You can pre-order the new CD here: And if you’ve already obtained the old version, you should have received an email from us recently with a free download of the bonus tracks.

Foam EP

We are extremely pleased to announce that our new EP, Foam, is released today. Foam was assembled from the same fragments of improvised recordings as its sister release, Innocence. Four songs channelled through our ancestor’s womb towards your ears for your convenience.

It is, as usual, available to download and stream from iTunes, Deezer, Spotify and Apple Music. However, obtaining the EP from our Bandcamp page benefits us much, much more. So if you enjoy the new noises, please go here: to get hold of it for yourself.

If you’d really like to help us to continue making new music please consider (if you haven’t done so already) subscribing to us on Bandcamp. You’ll get access to our entire back catalogue plus all of our exclusive subscriber-only album releases. (We’ll be recording a new one of these very soon!)

Love & rage,

The Infinite Three

Spill Magazine Premieres Foam EP

You can hear the new EP, Foam, in its entirety over at Spill Magazine here:



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Foam and Live Shows

Foam, the sister EP to Innocence is due to be released on 27th April. We’ll be playing songs from it and its predecessor at a few different venues across the UK next week.

Take a look here to see where and when we’re going and if you can make it along to a show or two please come and say hello!

The Infinite Three - Spring Tour


Dearest friends. Here, as is our tradition, is our annual sonic ritual to summon the New Sun. Thanks and love to everyone who has supported us through 2017.

Onwards towards endless vibrations. May we be reborn as cats.

Spill Magazine Premiere – Innocence

Some words about the new EP over at Spill Magazine!


Innocence EP

We are extremely pleased to inform you that our new recording – a collection of four new songs – is now available to place inside your ears and brain.

Go forth here to download the EP from Bandcamp. Alternatively you may choose to set foot thus to purchase the EP from iTunes.

Perhaps you are the sort for whom streaming it from Apple Music seems more comforting. Or you may be inclined to attend hither and save it to your Spotify library.

Those of you who have done the right thing and subscribed to us will, by now, already have the EP available from your Bandcamp account at no additional charge along with every other fucking thing we ever fucking did ever.

If you have not yet done the right thing, kindly move in this direction to do so. Regret is not an option.


Innocence EP – And Other News

Our new EP, Innocence, will be released on Friday 15th December.

During our 2016 tour we stopped off at studios in Newcastle and London to record several hours of improvised music. The most promising lumps of sound from those sessions were excavated at the start of 2017 and Innocence is the first fruit to be assembled from the wreckage.

Four new songs for you: Innocence, Hot Strings of Love, Like A Dog and These Animal’s Eyes.

Innocence is intended as the first of two related EPs. A virtual ‘Side A’ of an album, with ‘Side B’ – a sister-EP – to follow in 2018. The cover artwork is by Harumi Foster.

Also due for release soon (on the 21st December as usual) will be this year’s Winter Solstice song. For those of you who dont’t know – for the past seven years we have issued a new, longform piece of music every 21st of December. Every year presents a new creative challenge for us to bend and manipulate our sonic muscles for you in new and innapropriatly physical ways.

All of the Winter Solstice tracks so far can be found here:

…Which is where the new one will live after it has hatched from its moist egg.

One more thing… There’s a couple of new(ish) shirts available from our merch store. The Lucky Beast shirt features Andrea Voisey’s amazing cover art from last year’s album and can be found here. And the Sonny Sharrock Was Right shirt can be found here, with all the proceeds going to the Youth Music charity.

More news soon.

Winter Solstice 2012

Winter Solstice Playlist

We’ll soon be working on this year’s Winter Solstice track. Here’s a Spotify playlist of all our seasonal music so far.

Winter Solstice 2014