Rats In The Walls

A while back we recorded a song called Receive Us for a compilation album called Rats In The Walls. The compilation was intended to be a survey of some of the more left-field bands in London at that point, most of whom had some kind of connection (albeit indirectly in some cases) to the Behind Bars anarchist/queer party scene.

For a few years in London, Behind Bars was the hidden eye of the storm for the city’s oddballs, outcasts, political activists and under-the-radar freaks. Every couple of months an abandoned building somewhere in town would be occupied and turned into a temporary-autonomous-zone with all kinds of bizarre performances, live music and DJs.

They were, for the most part, joyful celebrations of otherness and pinpoints of optimism in a city which felt very much like it was crumbling under the weight of austerity and gentrification.

The Behind Bars scene is sadly no-more and for a variety of reasons the compilation was never released – a real shame since there were some amazing artists invlolved. But we recently dug out the song we recorded for it. It’s called Receive Us and was one of the first things we recorded after recruiting our drummer Paul Middleton (an ex-member of Kevin Martin’s industrial-jazz heavyweights GODand a fellow alumni of Cindytalk)

Here it is, a free download for your aural inspection: Receive Us

We’ve been considering introducing it to the live set… Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

And if you’d prefer to hear some more recent sonic rumblings from our collective brains, consider getting hold of our new album Innocence / Foam.

4 thoughts on “Rats In The Walls

  1. I adore this, evocative of so much that I enjoy about music !
    Hypnotic dirty bass line, an all round beautiful malevolence.
    Thanks so much.

  2. Guys, you can be proud of this piece. Very intense, dramatic, even disturbing atmosphere. Betrays some ties to art-rock tradition. Some modern-day King Crimson instrumentals have similar vibe. To cut the long story short, thanks for sharing this with your fans!

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