Here’s an English translation of a recent piece about our sonic endeavours from the Italian website Paranoid Park. If any Italian speakers notice any glaring errors in our translation, please let us know here!

You can find the original article at Paranoid Park’s website here.

“The Infinite Three is an English noise-rock band that every year celebrates the winter solstice, releasing a new song from the ‘Winter Solstice Music’ series. We have reached the eighth celebration of the Sun and its infinite cycle of death and rebirth. The obelisk that the British band dedicates to the Sol Invictus is a long sonic digression, full of feedback and distortions, that arises as a fun and robust experimental, spectral and dissonant jam session and comes away, enriched with noises, effects and overtones.

In addition to the annual tribute to the eternal succession of light and darkness, The Infinite Three took leave from 2017, with another work, “Innocence EP”, a collection of four songs, on which they started working while they were on tour in 2016. The genesis of the songs was rough and improvised, but then with the passage of time and with the subsequent adjustments the songs became shorter, less verbose, more direct and they acquired the melodic and smooth form that is included in this EP. An EP conceived as the ‘A side’ of a two-part disc, which will see its B side, also in the form of an EP, come out during this new year.

The creative process followed by the band has, in practice, taken the form of a strenuous journey towards the light; they started from the raw materials, from the dark depths of the Earth and they are slowly rising up towards the surface, in the presence of that invincible Sun, protagonist of the long rides of the “Winter Solstice Music”. A journey in which music has the function of helping musicians, but also and above all listeners, to overcome the fear of darkness and long winter days and to overcome all the obstacles and difficulties that arise daily in our lives. This music, for The Infinite Three, is the rediscovery of the simplicity of the origins, of the lost innocence, of the way home and towards everything that gives balance, not caring about all the despots who want to ruin the world. The pigs that want us bent and subservient. It is up to us to oppose and take back the spaces that belong to us by right.

A positive way to face existence and never take itself too seriously, thus risking to lose what is good for our destiny.

A simple approach to oneself and to others, which goes well with the simplicity and freshness of the sounds proposed. There are particular stylistic innovations and what you fin here is four clean and linear tracks, with an approach that tries to balance melody and roughness, to mediate the hypnotic and persuasive atmospheres, deliberately repetitive, with a basic propensity to more visceral and minimal sounds.”

Written by Michele Brigante Sanseverino.