Ascension Zone reviewed in Prog Magazine

Thanks to Prog Magazine for the enthusiastic review of Ascension Zone“Their most innovative recording so far.” – We are humbled and elated, despite the fact that the only progression in our music is that which hurtles us all towards the supreme non-space of hysterical nothingness. Love and Rage!

Ascension Zone is available as a limited edition CD or an unlimited download from here:

Ascension Zone is here

Our instrumental album, Ascension Zone is released today. It’s available as a limited edition CD and as a download from our Bandcamp page here:

Give praise to all the little animals and listen to it with your beautiful ears and brain. May the way out be as sweet as the way in.

It is also available from all the usual places one would expect to find such things.

Let us know what you think.
We are exhausted but joyful.
The pig’s head represents the destruction of ignorance.

AND.. If by some wonderful miracle you happen to be in the town of London tomorrow night, we shall be performing live at Electrowerkz. It’s a benefit show for Alzheimer’s Society and Zazimut and a tribute to Jim ‘Tornado’ Evans. Information here and here.


Fuzzy Sun premieres Ascension Zone

You can listen to the title track from our new instrumental album, Ascension Zone, over at Fuzzy Sun right now.  Play it loud!

The Infinite Three release first track ‘Ascension Zone’

Ascension Zone is released May 3rd on Actual Size Music.

Ascension Zone Album Teaser

Our new album, Ascension Zone, is out on May 3rd on Actual Size Music. Here’s a short clip from one of the new tracks called The Eye. The video has some ducks in it.

Please do share this video far and wide. We’ll have news of a single from the album very soon.

Our next outburst of public self-flagellation is due to take place at Electrowerkz in London the day after the album is released – that’s Saturday May 4th. It’s a fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Society and a tribute to the late Jim ‘Tornado’ Evans.

As well as The Infinite Three, you’ll also be treated to some throbbing electro-punk from Das Fluff, dark atmospheric pop from Waterglass and skeletal creepy blues from Locks. Take a look here for more info:

That is all for now. We are meek and await your embrace.
Your humble servants in noise and infinity,

The Infinite Three

New Cross Inn – Wednesday March 6th

We’re playing at The New Cross Inn next week, Wednesday the 6th of March. It’ll be our first gig of 2019 and we’ll be playing a long set with a few new songs. It would be splendid to see you there.

A New Album and Other News

Hello you good people. We have awoken from hibernation and have some very pleasing things to tell you about. Our next album, Ascension Zone, will be released in May this year.

It’s our first entirely instrumental album (not including some of the exclusive recordings we’ve made available to those of you who subscribe to us on Bandcamp) and we’re extremely excited about it. There will be some singles for you to hear before the release date – as ever, please join our mailing list to be kept abreast of our doings.

Innocence / Foam will soon be available in the USA on CD so if that is the country you live in, you’ll soon be able to order it from your local record store or purchase the album from CD Baby. As with the UK version, the CD will be a very limited edition.

Our first live show of the year will take place on 6th March at The New Cross Inn, a venue of legendary repute in London town. We’ll announce more details about this show as soon as we have them. We’re also very pleased to be performing at Electrowerkz again on 4th May along with Das Fluff, Waterglass and Locks. This show is a tribute to Jim ‘Tornado’ Evans and will help to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society. Tickets can be obtained here.



As is our way, we present to YOU our sonic ritual to celebrate the new sun. God is a bisexual cat. Thank you for your heroic support of our work this year. We shall return in 2019 with two new albums, more tours and eternal vibrations.

Love & rage,

Dan, Sam, Paul.

Hypersurface – a solo album from Dan

We will of course be presenting to you our annual Winter Solstice track very soon. (Very soon!)  …We’ll also have an announcement to make in the new year about our next album – which we’re hoping to release early in 2019.

But before all that, I thought you’d be interested to know that I’ve just released an instrumental solo album. It is called Hypersurface. Eleven wordless songs/hallucinations which I hope you will find suitably cinematic.

This is what happens when Paul and Sam are not around to restrain my unnatural urges. It’s available now from Bandcamp only. It may well appear on all the usual streaming places at some unspecified future time.

You can get it right here:

As ever, let us know what you think. As promised there will be some some rather more Infinite Three-specific news very soon.

Love & rage
Daniel Knowler
(Him what is in The Infinite Three)


We’re on the excellent Panopticon podcast from Radio Cittaperta in Italy along with Daughters, Lightning Bolt, Gnod, Spectres and more fine music. Go forth and listen!

20% Off All Our Albums + New Music To Come

It’s been a busy year for us here at The Banks of the River Effra. We released two EPs (which eventually ended becoming our fourth album),  embarked on our third UK tour and played a handful of other satisfyingly intense live shows.

We’ve also been working on another rather ambitious project: Two new instrumental albums. These records are quite unlike anything we’ve done before and we’re incredibly pleased with them. Our intention is to release them early next year with a tour to follow…

..But we’re going to need a bit of help to do this..

So for the rest of this month, we’ve decided to drop the price of EVERYTHING on our Bandcamp page by 20% if you use the code REMPLEX. That’s 20% off any album, single, CD or t-shirt. If we sold shoehorns you could get 20% off a shoehorn. But we don’t sell those.

Take a look here and if you’d like to help us to raise some funds for the next two albums, just use the code REMPLEX to get 20% off.

There’s a few other things you can do to help the righteous cause of The Infinite Three too: If you use Spotify, consider following us there. You’ll get a notification whenever we have new music available and the more people following us, the more it helps our chances of getting onto playlists and getting our music into new ears. You could also subscribe to us on Youtube, and even just tell your friends about us. Just sharing a few of our tunes on Facebook or Twitter is a massive help and we’re always eternally grateful to those of you who take the time to do this.

We’ll be announcing this year’s Winter Solstice song next month along with the titles and cover art of the new albums for your eyes and brain.

Until then, huge thanks for your support.

Love & rage

The Infinite Three