Misc Recordings

Descension – Subscriber Album 02

descensionWe have just recently published the second in our ongoing series of subscriber-exclusive releases.

Descension‘ was recorded live at the Vinyl Cafe, Deptford at the end of our March tour. To hear it (and everything else we have ever done or will do) join us as a loyal subscriber and know in your brain that you are contributing to the ongoing survival of our doings.

A little background information on ‘Descension’. On the 28th March 2016 we played a show in the basement of the Vinyl Cafe in Deptford, a truly excellent record shop and general hub of cultural love. In the abscence of a support band we elected to play two sets: one completely improvised/instrumental set and, after a short break for “human activity”, a performance of our latest album, ‘Lucky Beast’ in its entirety. Both sets were recorded direct to digital multitrack. Improvisation is a core part of The Infinite Three’s working process but this was the first time we had chosen to make music in this way in front of an audience. The additional electricity in the air from the bodies and brains of the crowd seemed to assist us in our aim to levitate towards the great cosmic womb that hovers perpetually above us. In short, we were extremely pleased with the result. We hope you find ‘Descension’ to be a rewarding and enveloping listen.

Locust Police – Demo Version

Here’s an excerpt from a new song we’re working on (the finished version of which will be on the next album)

This demo was recorded at our rehearsal space in South London, direct to a little digital stereo recorder, with guide vocals and extra effects added later on.

Bone Star – Live 13/04/13

Here’s a new song recorded live at The Bread & Roses. It’s called Bone Star and a version of it will appear on the next album. (hopefully with slightly less inebriated vocals!)

Pearls – Live 10/12/12

Huge thanks to everyone who came out to The Black Heart the other night.  Here’s a loud, smashed-up room recording of ‘Pearls’ from Monday’s set:

We will be engaging in further acts of public self-immolation in the very near future…

Lights Out For The City – Live 11/10/12

Many thanks and much love to everyone who came out to see us at The Underbelly last week. We have more plans to yell at you in the near future. Here is a recording of our song ‘Lights Out For The City’ from last week’s gig.

Thanks to James Hollands for recording this, and of course thanks to Paul Middleton for hitting things.  More news soon.

I Am A Visitor

Cut-up, looped and re-edited from rehearsal recordings, with spoken-word courtesy of acclivity of freesound.org.

Rehearsal Excerpt 09/10/2012

An excerpt from the extended, ecstatic drone section that we play at the end of live renditions of ‘Lights Out For The City’, with Paul Middleton (Cindytalk / God) on drums and cymbals.

Rehearsal Excerpt 05/10/2011

Another audio cut up. Rehearsal recordings from last October, bits of processed electronics and tape recordings.

Robert Allen – Drums; Sam McLaughlin – Six String Bass & Electronics; Daniel Knowler – Guitar & Sampler.

Is Erased (Live at Stereo, York)

A scratchy, overloaded, distorted recording of The Infinite Three performing the song ‘Is Erased’ live at Stereo in York as part of the Dark Reverberations all-dayer.  The vocal mic cuts out halfway through and Dan fell over a few minutes later.  Oh the shame.

Daniel Knowler – Voice, guitar, sampler; Robert Allen – Drums & electronics; Sam McLaughlin – Bass & electronics.

Rehearsal Excerpt 29/08/2011

An excerpt from a new and very rough work-in-progress. Recorded directly to minidisc at Borough Studios, 29th August 2011.

Robert Allen – Drums; Sam McLaughlin – Six String Bass & Ring Modulator; Daniel Knowler – Guitar & Sampler.