Is Erased 2011

is-erased01 Is Erased
02 Coins and Cables

‘Is Erased’ is taken from our debut album ‘Crust Of Utopia’. ‘Coins and Cables’ is an otherwise unreleased track.

This was our first official single release.

Released February 7th, 2011

Winter Solstice 2010


winter-solstice-201001 WINTER SOLSTICE XXI-XII-MMX

The first of our regular Winter Solstice tracks was released in 2010. These partially imptovised long-form pieces have now become an annual tradition for The Infinite Three.

“There is snow on the ground,
And the valleys are cold,
And a midnight profound,
Blackly squats o’er the wold.”

Released December 21st 2010

Medium Term Strategy

Medium Term Strategy 2009

medium-term-strategy01 Wrapped In Light
02 Making Halves / Worm Signal
03 Fuckd Omnibus
04 Seeds Become Fire and Dissolve Our Chains

This EP is was released as an ongoing work in progress. New tracks were added as and when they were completed. These were the first murmurings of The Infinite Three. The hatching of the egg.

Released: September 1st, 2009