Live at Mothers Ruin 25/08/16 – Full Set

Here’s a video of our performance at Mothers Ruin, Bristol.

Thanks to Yourmusic Productions in Bristol for shooting this as well as filming the performances by Paper Colleague, At The Heart Of It All and Nasty Little Lonely.


The opening track from the album Songs Of The Breather.

Live at Surya 30/05/14 – Full Set

Here’s a video of our set from the album launch show at Surya, filmed by Mr Alan Lockett:

Live at Power Lunches 20/12/13 – Sharpy

Thanks again to Ed for filming this clip of us performing a new song called Sharpy at Power Lunches in December:


Live at The Windmill 03/12/13 – Is Erased

Thanks to Ed for filming this short clip of ‘Is Erased’ from our recent set at The Windmill:

Live at The Islington 30/09/13 – Full Set

Thanks to Alan Lockett for filming this.

New Album : 2014

We’re in the middle of mixing the new album, which should be ready for your beautiful ears early in the new year. Here is a short video composed of our collective fragmented memory of the recording sessions which took place over the Summer.

Feathers Video

Here is the official video for ‘Feathers‘ created for us by the excellent Mr Peter Dahl Collins of Slunq.

Another ‘Is Erased’ Video

Our friend Jim Hollands made some nice undulating psychedelic visuals for our track ‘Is Erased’..  Look and listen here:

Three Blooms Dub Video

Not much happens in our videos. But then not much happens in inter-steller space either…