The Tongue

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Rae Vanz

Oh yes.. and many thanks to the mighty Rae of RaeVanz RMTouring Services for driving us around in safety and comfort over the last few days. Highly recommended if you’re in a band and need transport for a tour


I have no memory of writing this

Travelling back to London after a great gig in Newcastle. Thanks to everyone who saw us – we’ll be back in your fine town in August. Next stop: Vinyl Cafe, Deptford, tomorrow night.

Sound Inc

Yesterday at Sound Inc studios, Gateshead. Recording music for another subscriber-exclusive album.


I think we just drove through a wormhole.


On our way to Newcastle…
The Infinite Three on tour

The Great Work Continues

rehearsal-oblongNew songs for the year of our lord 2015: Hydrogen, Dawn Accelerator, Holding Hungry Names, Like Moss, Lucky Beast…

About half an album written and most of a new live set ready (almost).  We could put together a shorter release (an EP or mini album) and release it sooner.  Or we could hold out and plop out a full length album later.

We’ll probably continue with a full length release. Just thinking out loud really.  Any thoughts / opinions?

Infinite Office Ambience, Tuesday 20th Jan.

Sonny Sharrock Was Right

SharrockHuge thanks to everyone who came out to see us at The Windmill the other week.  It was a great way to end the year. Little Death Machine and Terminal Gods were both excellent as were the sounds provided by DJ Jason Lipscombe.

We’ll have some more live dates for 2015 to announce soon, as well as our usual seasonal single.  This year’s track has been constructed from a live improvisation we recorded earlier in the year.

We’re very pleased with it.  We also have plans to record again early in 2015.  Not sure yet whether it will be an album, EP or whatever. Do as the leopards: remain alert!

Pedalboard Porn

pedalboard porn

For the benefit and pleasure of any effects pedal nerds who may frequent this page. Joyo Tuner, TSC Tubescreamer Clone, Behringer Multi-FX, Joyo Crunch Distortion, Red Witch Violetta Delay, Behringer Reverb Machine.