Live at Power Lunches 20/12/13 – Sharpy

Thanks again to Ed for filming this clip of us performing a new song called Sharpy at Power Lunches in December:


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Here is the latest in our annual series of sonic rituals to celebrate midwinter. This year’s track was taken from the recording sessions for our forthcoming second album, but is exclusive to this release:


15 minutes of holy-doom-funk.  Huge thanks for all your support for our noises this year.  Have yourself a splendid time over the holidays and we’ll see you in 2014!

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Live at Power Lunches, 20th December

Our final show of 2013 will be at Power Lunches, 446 Kingsland Road, Dalston on Friday 20th December.  Our friends Little Death Machine will also be performing for your pleasure, as will Dressmaker.

Stay Ugly Nightmare Before Christmas

The noises begin at 7pm and continue until 2am courtesy of Stay Ugly & Munki DJs.

Here’s a map.  And here’s a link to the facebook event page if that is your thing.

Bring incense and antlers.

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Bone Star

Our new single, Bone Star, is out now.  Two new songs, Bone Star and Grip (Vertigo #1) can be downloaded from


Bone Star itself will be available on iTunes from Monday, but Grip (Vertigo #1) is exclusive to our website and is unavailable elsewhere. We’ve also included high-res artwork and a printable pdf booklet.

This is the first fruit of our intense recording sessions from the Summer, and we’re very pleased with the outcome! There is more to come, and of course the full length album is still due to be released early next year.

Click the artwork above to get hold of your copy, or drop us your email address on the right of this page and we’ll gladly send you the single.

Let us ascend towards universal heat death.

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New Album : 2014

We’re in the middle of mixing the new album, which should be ready for your beautiful ears early in the new year. Here is a short video composed of our collective fragmented memory of the recording sessions which took place over the Summer.

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More Live Shows

You may be interested to know that we’ll be performing some songs from our new album, along with various pieces of improvised, chaotic, repetitive noise at the following places and times:

The Infinite Three - Live shows Septemebr / October

30th September at The Islington (with FuckShovel)

11th October at Plough & Harrow (with History Of Guns). 

It would be splendid to see you at either or both of these gigs.  Print out the flyer on the left and selotape it to your face. Your beautiful face.

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The external employment of manipulable environmental objects

Last Tuesday we convened at a studio space in North East London, set up some microphones, lit a candle for the ancestors and pummelled our way through several new songs.  Repeating them endlessly until we no longer knew who we were or why we were there.  The intense heat and humidity on Tuesday only added to the surreal sensation of collectively grappling with some immense mentally retarded beast.

Sam McLaughlin Plugging It In

Now we have the task of sifting through the mess we made to select our favourite takes of each song.  More recording next week, with some preliminary mixing in the meantime.  The album itself is still nameless, but some of the new song titles include Mother Iron, The Tongue, Bone Star, False Locusts… More news very soon.

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When will this ever end?

The new music we’ve been working on is taking on a very different shape to the previous album and we’re trembling, dribbling and twitching at the thought of showing it to you in all it’s universal ugliness/beauty.

The Infinite ThreeThose of you who have seen us play recently will have heard a few of the new songs already…  I’ll refrain from describing how excited I am about them and instead tell you that at a recent live show, Sam overheard a man in the audience mumble despairingly “when will this ever end?”

I seem to remember the man in question looked as if he had been crying, or like he’d been having emotionally exhausting sex with someone he cares about deeply, yet whose name he cannot remember.

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Earbits Radio

We’re pleased to say that some of our music can be streamed on Earbits Free Online Radio. Take a listen to Protein Song here. For more info on Earbits, visit them here.


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Freedom Through Repetition

Medium Term Strategy - Ltd EditionMedium Term Strategy - Ltd EditionMedium Term Strategy - Ltd EditionMedium Term Strategy - Ltd Edition

Preparing, making and sending out the limited edition EPs. Fingers covered in silver ink… It’s actually a very psychically rewarding process! ..You can get hold of a copy of the CD here: …or you can download it for whatever you feel like paying. The proceeds from the limited edition will be put towards the cost of our next album which we’re hoping to have ready for you by the end of Summer. Love and rage.

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