Incubating The Egg

IMG_20150728_225114Soon after our next gig, we’ll be locking ourselves away at One Cat Studios in London with engineer Jon Clayton (Band Of Holy Joy, Turin Brakes, Monochrome Set and many others) to begin work on the new record. We shall emerge briefly to support the legendary psych-noise masters The Telescopes at The New Cross Inn on the 22nd August… and then we’ll be mixing and hacking away at things until the album is complete.

Our dear and loyal subscribers will be getting a couple of sneak previews of works in progress during this period.

It would be splendid to see you at the forthcoming shows. More news soon…

Live at Electrowerkz

1919We will be supporting the reformed post-punk group 1919 at Electrowerkz on Saturday 1st August.

We’ll be playing an entirely new set composed of songs from the new album we’re working on – we can’t wait to let you hear them!

If you’re in or near London, it would be great to see you. If not, please do forward this to any London based friends or allies.  Tickets include free entry to the clubnight afterwards and can be obtained here.

Here is a map.  And here is the Face-slap Event Page.

It would be TRULY SPLENDID to see you there.

Reverb Nation Introducing

vibrationsOur single Sharpy is reviewed in Vibrations Magazine’s ‘Reverb Nation Introducing’ feature along with a whole load of other splendid artists. Take a look right here.

Sharpy is still available as a free download – get hold of a copy while you can as we’ll be taking it down as soon some news sounds are born.

Speaking of which.. The new album is taking shape nicely.  We’re heading to the studio this week for some preliminary psychic focussing. More news sooner than you want or need.


handThanks to everyone who come out to see us at The Unicorn and to Commercial Suicide, Riot In Paradise and Lord Numb.. and of course to Gareth for putting the whole thing together.

We’ll be retreating into the womb-like safety of the studio soon to work on some new music with a view to releasing a follow-up to Songs Of The Breather this year. More things to announce soon.. Love & rage x x x

Gentle Persuasion

marketing-tacticsOur next show is at The Unicorn, Camden.

It will take place next Thursday 19th February. Also performing are Lord Numb and Riot In Paradise. Plus, our comrade Mr Daniel Green of Little Death Machine will be spinning some tunes from his “gramm-o-phone” which is probably made out of rusted barbed wire and animal bones. (or he might just be playing some CDs)

We will perform our music for your pleasure on this day, Thursday 19th February. Here is a map and here is the face-cloth event page if you are that way inclined. We look forward to helping your tears become fractals of joyful noise as they stream down your wonderful face. Free entry.


Here, for you, is our annual long-form incantation to bring the new sun. Thank you for all your support this year. We look forward to smothering you further with more joyful noise! This year’s track was improvised live in the studio at Willie Nash’s place in London, with additional overdubs and vocals recorded by The Banks Of The River Effra. Click the cover art below to listen.


Sonny Sharrock Was Right

SharrockHuge thanks to everyone who came out to see us at The Windmill the other week.  It was a great way to end the year. Little Death Machine and Terminal Gods were both excellent as were the sounds provided by DJ Jason Lipscombe.

We’ll have some more live dates for 2015 to announce soon, as well as our usual seasonal single.  This year’s track has been constructed from a live improvisation we recorded earlier in the year.

We’re very pleased with it.  We also have plans to record again early in 2015.  Not sure yet whether it will be an album, EP or whatever. Do as the leopards: remain alert!

Return to The Windmill

Our next gig (and probably our last one for 2014) is at The Windmill in Brixton with Little Death Machine and Terminal Gods. It would be SPLENDID to see you there.  Tuesday 2nd December from 7.30pm.

The Windmill 2014

More live shows

We’re playing at The Arts Depot, Finchley on Saturday 1st November and then at The Windmill, Brixton on Tuesday 2nd December.

Two different sets, so come along to both shows if you can. It would be splendid to see you.

For those of you so inclined, here is the facebook event page for the Arts Depot show. And here is the facebook page for the Windmill show.

Please do spread the word!

I shall also be playing guitar for Franko B‘s new project, Motherfuckers Of The World Unite at The Flying Dutchman on the 23rd November. Learn more about that here.

Trinity review of Songs Of The Breather

Here’s a review of Songs Of The Breather courtesy of Asso-Trinity.


We still have a tiny handful of the limited edition CDs and cassettes in stock. Go here to get hold of one while you still can!